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We Grow People, Not Just Food

Wild Willow Farm & Education Center is a five-acre working farm located in the southwest corner of the United States, less than three miles from the Pacific Ocean and two-thirds mile north of the Mexican Border. The farm is nestled along the banks of the scenic Tijuana River, and borders the river's beautiful estuary nature preserve. We're a 15-minute drive from downtown San Diego, with easy and quick access from most of urban south San Diego County.

The Farm was established in 2010 by San Diego Roots Foundation and the Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County (RCD) assumed ownership and management in September 2019. Since time immemorial, this region has been the home of the Kumeyaay Native people. We acknowledge that people have come before us and lived with care and respect on these lands. We recognize that we are now on the lands of these indigenous people who are still here and will always be. We honor the Indigenous people living today as well as their ancestors, and we deeply respect their resilience and connection to the land.


Our Mission

The RCD will fulfill its mission to protect, conserve, and restore natural resources through education, information, and technical assistance programs by operating Wild Willow Farm and Education Center. The mission of the Farm is to connect the community to local food, starting with the soil. We will do this through facilitating agricultural programs that promote resource conservation and regenerative farming practices. Furthermore, the Farm is a nurturing space that encourages biocultural diversity, providing experiences to nurture self-empowerment, and also inspire people to connect to food, land, and each other.

About the RCD

As stewards of the regional environment, we partner with a diverse group of landowners, public and private institutions, and concerned citizens to address the diverse conservation and environmental concerns that are unique to San Diego County. The RCD’s programs and priorities help to restore and protect San Diego County watersheds, prevent wildfire damage through education and fuel reduction, promote nutrition and stewardship through sustainable agriculture and soil health, and revitalize pollinator habitats.

Resource Conservation Districts are independent, non-regulatory Special Districts, organized under Division 9 of the CA Public Resources Code. Founded on principles of grass-roots, locally-led governance, RCDs are leaders in on-the-ground conservation efforts, connecting people with programs and resources necessary to conserve and manage natural resources.

Through funding primarily from local, state, and federal grants and donations, we create programs and services that address the unique conservation challenges that face San Diego County.

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