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"Wild Willow Farm has helped me dive deeper into understanding how the health of our soils directly impacts the health of our bodies. I am grateful for the dedicated farmers and students who are progressing this modern agrarian revolution forward to reverse soil depletion. I have met the most incredible and passionate people since becoming part of the WWF community!"

- Abby Leilani

"There is just something so sweet about having your hands in the soil, seeing a beet that you planted pop up, and cooking a lunch with vegetables that you harvested that morning. There is a connection there that many people in our culture don’t get to have on a day-to-day basis."

- Jackie
  Farm School Graduate

"I found my passion for gardening on a small-scale farm [at WWF], and [had] lessons about life, community, resilience, and independence...It challenges our current economic, food, and societal systems that have left the majority of us dependent on those systems. But above all, this place serves as a call to arms to join the fight to gain our independence back by...growing [our] own food, and supporting [our] local food community."

- Jay Reid
  Farm School Graduate

"Farming 101 was a class that impacted my future in interacting with nature, nurturing it, and understanding it deeper. Through the course you learn the fundamentals of farming - composting, creating nutrient-rich soil, irrigation, and so much more. But by the end of the course, you gain more than just knowledge about the earth - you create friendships and an understanding of how to communicate care and consideration about the earth to others."

- Sarah Kambara
  Farm School Graduate

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