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"We had a great time this year expanding our knowledge of bees and pollinators while touring the Wild Willow Farm and Education Center. All of the farmers were amazing with the students and very knowledgeable."

- Vanessa
  St. Patrick Catholic School


- Jackie
  Adjunct Professor - Environmental Science of The Art Institute of CA, San Diego

      "My Environmental Science course at The Art Institute teaches students how human activities affect our planet...My course also looks at the possible solutions to human impacts. Wild Willow Farm is the perfect example of a better approach to agriculture.

     During our field trip to the farm, [my students] learned about the challenges of farming and how those challenges can be met with different methods and tools. They touched compost and discovered the warmth and life found within. They ate fruits and vegetables straight off of living, breathing plants, and were surprised by where their produce comes from...Perhaps the best part of the tour for my students was our visit with the goats...It was touching to see the tenderness my students expressed as they interacted with their fellow lifeforms.

     However, the most surprising part for me as a professor has to be my students' willingness to do farm work. When it came time to perform some light farm work, I thought my students would rebel! Instead, they threw themselves into the task of spreading mulch throughout the farm! During the tour, they connected with the farm, with their food, and with the idea of doing better for our planet. I'm not exaggerating when I say a trip to Wild Willow Farm is truly transformative!"

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 3.53.14 PM_edi

"Our company came to Wild Willow Farm to celebrate Earth Day and we left with a better understanding and appreciation for nature. The staff explained complex concepts about the ecosystems that exist on their farm in a way that made it easy to understand and fun to learn about. We were able to tour the farm, pet some goats, roam with chickens, and get our hands dirty by contributing some work. It was a great experience. I look forward to attending some weekend classes and finding out more about what they offer.”


- Tara

   PACIFIC Digital Agency

"I wasn't sure what to except when we visited Wild Willow Farm, but I left not only further educated about organic farming, but also inspired. The people there are a wealth of knowledge and love to share what they know with you."

- Matt
   PACIFIC Digital Agency

Notes from the students

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