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Farewell from Mel!


Last week I walked the final steps of a long journey, one that began with friends sitting around a table figuring out how to fix a broken food system, saw potential in a field of weeds, and ended in the inspirational garden of beauty, knowledge and community engagement called Wild Willow Farm & Education Center. Through vision, effort, resourcefulness and commitment, our community has built something that many didn’t think was possible or even needed: a grass-roots built and funded, educationally focused farm that demonstrates how humans can live and eat responsively on garden Earth. 

Nine-plus years of your effort and education has proved how much our community wants and needs Wild Willow Farm. A couple years ago I recognized that the farm needed more skill, leadership capacity and funding than I could bring, so our team searched our community and found a partner who could provide what the farm needs to continue its growth and service: The Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County, the new owners of Wild Willow Farm.

As I step aside, I could not be prouder of what we’ve built, and who we (you) are. If you want to know what my passion looks like, what my vision for the world looks like, what exemplifies what the best of humanity looks like — it looks like this community, and Wild Willow Farm.

There are too many to thank for supporting this vision, but I’d be remiss to not thank Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Co-op for gestating this once-preposterous idea and supporting the farm’s field trip program for over eight years; Nancy Casady and Mary M. for their years-long support and friendship; the San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project board who kept the vision alive in hard times and good; and to you, the staff, students, volunteers, donors, supporters, visitors and guests, with whom I’ve shared this marvelous journey. I am grateful for all y'all, and look forward to seeing you around town.

I leave the farm in good hands. Please make the best of it. 

-Mel Lions

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3 opmerkingen

16 sep. 2019

A more dedicated person I have yet to meet, someone who embodies grassroots organizing and change, Mel has left a treasure trove of goodness to us all. Thank you my dear friend!



Jessica Gonzalez
16 sep. 2019

Mel, from the bottom of my heart I wish you happiness during this time and in your future adventures. I am sad to hear that you're departing, and sincerely hope our paths cross again. You were a major part of the permanent transformation I went through as I stepped onto Wild Willow Farm for the first time, not knowing how remarkably I would be changed. Your kindness and encouragement have meant the world to me, I would not be fighting the good fight today if not for your guidance. May your presence be forever felt at the farm and in our community. You are truly special, and anyone who has met you feels the same. Fondly, Jess


Christian Jensen
16 sep. 2019

Thanks for the education, opportunity, and friendship you provided me personally, Mel! God bless.

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