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Pickled Beets

Not everyone loves beets. As an adult (and farmer) I've learned to love them. My dad also loves them. My grandmother used to make beet and peanut butter sandwiches. Definitely not too sure about that, though.

When it comes to cooking beets, my favorite method is to wrap washed beets in foil (individually) and roast in the oven. Or you could throw the wrapped beets in the campfire on hot coals. When a fork pierces easily, the beets are done. At this point, the skin comes off with a little pressure from your hands. You can also peel before hand, it just takes more work.

This is how I make pickled beets - you can refrigerate and use within a few months or cook using the water-bath canning method for about 10 minutes to make them shelf-stable.


Beets (cooked as above, or peeled and boiled)

1 cup white or apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup sugar

1 tsp whole cloves

1 tsp salt

In a saucepan, bring all ingredients except beets to a boil. Make sugar is dissolved, then pour over thinly sliced beets. Store in mason jars or other glass containers. Best after a day or two.

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