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Venue Rental

Wild Willow Farm makes a wonderful setting for your private special occasion! Have a rustic organization team building event or retreat, a birthday party or group celebration. We've got covered outdoor spaces, a farm kitchen, bathrooms, a sound system and projection capabilities, and have hosted events up to about 250 people. We can mix in any or all of what we do, depending on your needs.


IMPORTANT: Wild Willow Farm is available for private events only, and cannot be used for events that charge admission and/or are advertised to the general public.


What is Included

You will be provided a clean space and stocked bathrooms. You may use our chairs and tables, but if you wish to have upgraded furniture, you will need to rent these items yourself, including decorations, linens, extra lighting, etc... We will setup the area according to your needs, and you will have access to our large flat screen TV or projector. A host will be provided to ensure the venue runs smoothly during your event, will open and close the farm, and help with farm related issues and to answer questions you may have.

Booking Times & Days

DAYS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

TIMES: Flexible depending on other bookings


  • 1-hour tour

  • Community service group activity

  • Private classes

  • Wild Willow seasonal bouquets, fire pit, house bands, and more!

Private Group Classes

Plan a fun class for your group to help grow individual homesteading life skills and create comradery. We require a minimum of 10 students. Pricing is based on class length of time and material costs.


For a full listing of our classes, offerings, and prices, please browse our add-ons menu below.

Field Classroom

Equipped with wooden floors and roll down side walls, this space will give you the most intimate setting surrounded by herbs and butterflies. With a large flat screen TV and a chalkboard, you will be able to teach, brainstorm, and connect your laptop for presentations and videos.


Size: 24' x 30' (720 Sq. Ft.)

Capacity: 60 people theater style, 45 people classroom style, 48 restaurant style, 15-20 Yoga Style


Community Barn

This space is our largest covered area equipped with a kitchen, and located closest to the bathrooms and fridge. Wooden picnic style benches are included that provide communal seating. There is space for plenty

of additional tables, a stage area, and

a dance floor.

Size: 1220 Sq. Ft.
Capacity: 200



Submit your application to enquire about our space.


Check out potential room layouts to help you decide how you want to setup.


Email us if you have any questions before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can we prepare for our visit?

Please wear closed-toe shoes (required), sun protective head covering, and sunscreen. Long pants and long sleeve shirts are a good idea to protect your skin from the sun and shrubs. Bring snacks and a refillable water bottle (we have filtered water). Don't forget to bring any medication you may need if anyone has allergies to bees, plants, animals, etc.
We are a "zero waste" farm so bring garbage bags for snacks a
nd lunch to pack out what you bring in.

Q: What if it rains?

Even though it only rains 10" a year on average in San Diego, when it does rain, it can get uncomfortably muddy on the farm. If it's been raining heavily at the farm over several days before your scheduled date, or there is prediction of significant amounts of rain for your scheduled date, the trip will be rescheduled. We will be in close contact with you if these conditions are present.

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