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Complete Organic Fertilizer (COF) Recipe
  • 1 part small rabbit pellets

  • 1 part rice bran pellets

  • 1 part rolled oats

  • 1 part crushed oyster shells or Oyster shell powder.

We use 50 pound bags, but you can scale it down to what makes sense for your growing needs. 

Application rate is half of a 5 gallon bucket for every 50 foot bed that is approximately 30 inches wide.

COF should be applied once in spring and once in fall, with compost prior to planting.
It’s best to lightly cultivate in with a digging fork or a garden rake.

These ingredients are available throughout San Diego County at feed stores that cater to horses and livestock or in smaller quantities at some pet stores.
It's best to store this soil food in galvanized trash cans. It is recognized as a food source and if it’s stored in plastic containers rats or mice can chew through the container to get to this food.

Seed Starting Mix
  • 2 parts peat moss

  • 1 part perlite

  • 1 part sand

Up-Potting Mix
  • 2 parts peat moss

  • 4 parts perlite

  • 1 part sand

  • 4 parts sifted compost OR 2 parts compost & 2 parts worm casting

  • pinch of COF

  • pinch of mycorrhizal inoculant 


General Farm Supplies
  • FarmTek

  • Felco- Pruners

  • Bahco- Pruners

  • Corona- Hand saws

  • Farmers friend tools and tunnels

  • Earth way seeder

  • Jang seeder

  • Neversink farm

  • Hoss tools

  • Paperpot co

  • Earth Tools

  • BCS America

Seeds and Growing Supplies
  • Filaree Garlic

  • Forever Young Farm - Garlic

  • Mad River Garlic Growers

  • San Diego Seed Company

  • Territorial Seeds

  • Turtle Tree Seeds

  • Seeds Savor’s Exchange

  • Native Seed Search

  • True Love Seeds

  • Adaptive Seeds

  • Victory Seeds

  • Fedco Seeds

  • Jonny’s Seeds

  • High Mowing Seeds

  • Kitazawa Seeds

Useful Links

Beekeeping in San Diego

Register your apiary. Apiary registration includes notifications of application of commercial pesticides in nearby areas, notifications of disease and pest infestations, and assistance of county apiary inspector in detecting and/or identification of apiary pest and diseases.


University of California Cooperative Extension – San Diego (helpful beekeeping information and beekeeping best management practices video


10 Steps to Beekeeping

UC Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) For the Gardener "tip sheet" series offers information on organic gardening and fruit trees care topics. Tip sheets can be downloaded from this page.

California Farm Link, Resource Library

Articles on: 

  • land access

  • starting a farm business

  • getting a loan

  • business management

  • and much more!


National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

FREE downloads for how to start your own farming business including farm business planning, marketing, labor laws, land acquisition and more.


ATTRA is a program developed and managed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT). The majority of funding for ATTRA is through a cooperative agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture's Rural Business-Cooperative Service. We are also partially funded through sales and subscriptions of a portion of ATTRA materials and through contributions from friends and supporters. We are committed to providing high value information and technical assistance to farmers, ranchers, Extension agents, educators, and others involved in sustainable agriculture in the United States.

USDA's Conservation of Natural Resources Webinar

Free webinars on a variety of topics, including a 4-part series on Environmental Benefits of Organic Agriculture.

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